About Regional Recruitment

Madang, PNG worker picking capsicum

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PNG has been working hard to reform its labour sending systems over the last year. 


We have introduced a new Regional Recruitment model for agriculture labour, which helps ensure you can recruit the best workers for your jobs overseas.


All new recruitment in PNG now runs through district or provincial administrations. We work closely with Members of Parliament and their administrations to ensure the best candidates are selected for work overseas.

We only recruit workers with active experience. We want to match our workers as closely to their employment as possible. In PNG, we are fortunate to grow almost all farm produce commercially available overseas - between our highlands and lowlands climates, we grow everything from apples to zucchinis.

This means you get experienced workers, and it also means our workers benefit fully from their time on your farm. They learn new skills that they can use at home to build PNG's agriculture industry and create jobs for their communities.

We have a strict NO WANTOKS policy. All applicants are vetted by external recruiters and will not be accepted if they do not meet our high standards. There are at least 2-3 interviews before a candidate is short-listed for selection.

We are introducing a new pre-departure training program to fully prepare workers for life overseas. We are trialing homestays and work placements to make sure workers can join your workforce