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Rocky Pond Farms 1
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For Workers

Do you want to live and work in Australia or New Zealand? Labour mobility offers a unique opportunity for you and your community. But we recruit only the best workers - upstanding citizens that work hard, take their job seriously, and represent Papua New Guinea to the best of their ability.

The regional recruitment model means that the first selection of workers takes place in participating districts and provinces. To apply, please contact your district or provincial administrator. You can find regional contacts here.

Remember, there is no upfront cost to apply for work through the Labour Mobility Unit. There are no agents to charge you fees. And there is a strict no wantoks policy. If anyone asks you for money, or you think recruitment is not fair or equitable, please report it to us through the Contact page.


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Seasonal Workers

Work in Agriculture

The Seasonal Worker Programme gives you the opportunity to work in Australia for up to nine months per year

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Pacific Labour Scheme

Work in Industry

The Pacific Labour Scheme lets you work in agriculture, tourism, hospitality, food processing, aged care,  mining and industry in rural and regional Australia

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RSE Scheme

Work in Agriculture

The RSE Scheme lets you work in agriculture for up to seven months in New Zealand, with a focus on fruit picking